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With new Cars fitted with Digital Odometer Read Outs, problems can occur, the data in which the information is stored can get corrupted.We Correct your Odometer read out to whatever is required, How do we do this ?

Well we actually program the E2prom's or Micro's that the information is held in once they have been programmed the previous information stored is overwritten meaning NO TRACE!

Is it Illegal


Adjusting car odometer readings is not a criminal offense, however, selling a Vehicle with the intention to defraud is quite a serious one

Why Reprogram

Customers come to us with many types of problems like..
Rev counter not functioning
No display on dash
A replacement dash had to be fitted and calibration is required
Jump starting your car to another can lead to dash errors
many Manufactures have these genuine faults
We can repair all the above and many more