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Car Keys & Remotes

Car Keys, Transponder Keys,rover remotes, plips,ford red keys,  

  • Rover Remotes

  • Renault Card/Key repairs

  • Peugeot Fob/Keys repairs

  • Vauxhall Fob/Key repairs

  • Transponder Key Programming

  • Renault Immobiliser repairs

With the advanced security features on modern day cars it has become impossible to perform tasks such as changing modern car keys and locks without having very costly specialist equipment to hand.

Prestige Decodes  are expertised in many areas of car electrical and electronic systems including transponder keys especially the Ford red key ignition system and rover remote immobiliser system

We can also bypass the immobiliser from Renault ECUs (Clio Megan Laguna etc)


We supply Replacement Car alarm remote fobs, immobiliser keys and  transponder keys.  

Many used cars are bought with fitted alarms, but no remote or with a transponder type immobiliser system and only one ignition key. If you need a new fob, Immobiliser key or ignition key contact us.  For help &  advice

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